Tail Free Knitting/Crochet: Part 1 - Russian Join

The part of knitting I dread most is having to sew in ends. It can be very time consuming especially if you've worked through many balls of yarn or had many colour changes. There are ways to avoid this and in this post I'll show you one of them, it is known as The Russian Join.

If only I'd known about this technique when doing the Ephraim blanket, boy were there a lot of ends to sew in there.

Picture of a needle threaded with yarn

Step 1: Thread the yarn through the needle

Needle threaded in the middle of yarn

Step 2: Work the needle through the wound plies for 1-2".

Yarn being pulled through center of yarn

Step 3: Pull the needle through, leaving a small loop.

Yarn pulled through loop of another yarn

Step 4: Thread another yarn through the needle and thread it through the loop of the first yarn.

Two different coloured yarns thread into themselves

Step 5: Thread this needle through wound plies of the second yarn as with the first one and pull to tighten.

Two different coloured yarns joined together

Step 6: Tighten the first yarn.

Both have now been joined with no ends to sew in.

Stay tuned for the other technique you can use.