Standing Double Crochet: How To Join Without The Slip Stitch

By Moogly

I love crochet, with the countless stitches that are available there is no end to what a crocheter is able to create. Having said that, one thing that does bug me is having to start a new row, especially when working in the round. It's difficult not to notice the point at which the new row was started. The chain 2/3 that is usually worked to represent the first stitch in the row looks a lot different to the other stitches and there can sometimes be a gap between the first and second stitch.

One blogger, Tamara Kelly ( has found a way around this, it's called a Standing Double Crochet, you just work a double crochet into your chosen stitch, no working a slip stitch to join or chaining required.

'How do you do this'? I hear you ask, just click on the link were you'll find both a video and picture tutorial. This method seems to be aimed at those who are changing colour, I have wondered whether something similar can be done when starting a new round, maybe that's something I can try when my finger heals. I'm still waiting to hear from the fracture clinic, it's been over a month since I broke my finger. I can knit/crochet but it's very uncomfortable and I have to stop regularly for breaks...not good.

As an added bonus I've included a link for a tutorial on how to end a round without working a slip stitch to join.