Pinky and Ruana

I started working on the Ruana swatch a few days ago, using Sirdar Click chunky. I liked the overall colour but didn't think it worked with the motif I was trying to produce. The colour changes weren't as blended as I wanted, I was hoping for something with more of an ombre look.
After an online search I found what I was looking for in Patons Colourworks, and should arrive on Tuesday.
My plan is to get the swatch done by the end of next week and then finalise the stitch pattern that will be worked in the border panels. Once this is done I'll start knitting it up.

knitting swatch for Ruana pattern
Swatch for Ruana

In other news, it's been over a month since I fractured my finger and not only has it not healed, I haven't heard from the fracture clinic. I can use my finger a lot more than when I first injured it but I'm still limited in certain things, particularly knitting and crochet.

I initially decided not to do any crafting until it healed, but as time passed my hands began to feel idle and not wanting to give the devil anything to make use of (don't worry he doesn't know where I live), I tried some knitting. At first it was very painful and I could barely hold the yarn, now I can manage a few rows but have to take a break as my finger swells up slightly and becomes stiff.

                                   swollen pinky side view
                                        As straight as it can go
swollen pinky birds eye view

What you see in the pictures is how it looks when not agitated, but if I knit or knock it against something (or one of the boys grabs it) it swells up and becomes stiffer.
I have a lot of patterns planned and hope that this thing gets sorted soon so that I can work towards having everything finished and written up by spring.